Chairperson & Convener

Dr Divyani Garg

Dr Ajay Asrana

About YNF

The Young Neurologists Forum (YNF) has emerged as an integral part of the expanding body of the Indian Academy of Neurology, comprising nearly one-third of its membership set. This segment hence represents the very future of Indian neurology! It is apparent from this that, as chairperson of the YNF, the task at hand over the coming year is simultaneously exciting and challenging.

We envision the YNF at the forefront of all IAN activities, ranging from academic to extra-academic. We aim to increase its membership by leaps and bounds to incorporate into its fold all the young neurologists of India, and promote active participation of its members in YNF and other IAN activities. We also believe that the YNF can be a vital platform to provide a career development pathway to young neurologists. For this, we have the help of a dynamic core team of active members, dedicated to the YNF mandate and its vision. After all, team work makes the dream work!


  • To further the professional development of young people in the IAN and to equitably expand the involvement of junior women and men from all regions of India.
  • To provide networking and educational opportunities tailored to young people, and working to increase their involvement in IAN meetings, conferences and other educational activities.
  • To attract young people from across India to neurology
  • Promote the involvement of young people in neurology
  • Encourage the participation of young people in IAN educational activities and conferences.

Mission & Vision

To build a resilient, enthused and futuristic leadership and workforce in clinical neurology in India.


All life members ≤ 45 years of age are automatically rendered members of the Forum (unless they opt out). They cease to become members once they achieve 45 years of age. No separate registration forms are required.


Sr. No. Date Topic Watch on
1 19th November 2023 | Sunday Case 1. Secrets of a Shaky Young
Case 2. Slow and Steady might "Lose" the Race
2 15th October 2023 | Sunday Case 1. Look before you leap: The Genetics Conundrum
Case 2. All Skin and Brains
3 13th August 2023 | Sunday Early career pathways for young Neurologists: Skills and Strategies
4 9th July 2023 | Sunday Case 1. Ocular and gait abnormality in an adult
Case 2. Acute and Chronic Neuropathy - A Commonly Ignored Etiology
5 11' June 2023 | Sunday Case 1. Dysphasia with dyskinesia - The game is on
Case 2. The mind eye limb connections
Case 3. A metallic after taste
6 14th May 2023 | Sunday Case 1. A case of cerebellar ataxia, chorea with supranuclear gaze palsy: An Unsolved puzzle
Case 2. Hypertension with recurrentfocal deficits
Case 3. Too much positivity isn’t always a good thing
7 13th April 2023 | Thursday Case 1. The highs and depths of epilepsy localization
Case 2. The devil is in the details
Case 3. All that bleeds isn't Hypertensive
8 12th March 2023 | Sunday Case 1. Tale of a lurching chap
Case 2. Myelitis with a twist
Case 3. Sentinels in the brain and dementia


Sr. No. Year Chairperson Email (Chair) Convener Email (Convener)
1 2022 - 2023 Dr. Ayush Agarwal Dr. Meenakshi G Shankar