Chairperson & Convener

Dr. Rohit Bhatia

Dr. Netravathi M

Autoimmune Disorders

This subsection will bring together specialists with interest in Multiple Sclerosis, Neuromyelitis optica, Post infectious CNS demyelinating disorders, Antibody associated Encephalitis, Vasculitis of the CNS and related disorders having an underlying autoimmune mechanism. Since it is yet to start functioning, the basic goals would be to sensitize and involve as many specialists as possible and develop common themes for improving knowledge of these less known disorders.



1. The members will work towards evolving common guidelines for diagnosis of these conditions and plan unified management strategies.
2. Establish local registries of patients within the hospital setting/ town of individual specialists in order to obtain crude prevalence of disease, phenotypic characteristics, response to treatment and follow up data.
3. Present data at regional and national meetings. Publish compiled data individually and from different centers in national and regional publications.
4. Disseminate knowledge regionally and locally by sensitizing allied specialties. For example- Ophthalmologists regarding optimizing of management for optic neuritis, pediatricians about newly emerging diseases such as pediatric Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune encephalitis.Formulate a common platform to showcase, disseminate and discuss the work done in the field.
5. Improve knowledge and awareness in the community by aligning with local support groups especially for Multiple Sclerosis.


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