Chairperson & Convener

Dr. Mukesh Sharma

Dr. Vikram Bohra

Interventional Neurology

Interventional Neurology is a sub-specialty using minimally invasive and image-based technologies / procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of disease of blood vessels of the brain and spinal cord (Neurovascular Diseases). These include ischaemic strokes, haemorrhagic strokes, brain aneurysm and malformations of blood vessels supplying the brain and spinal cord using Coiling, Stenting and Embolization.



The subsection aims at bringing interventional Neurologists across the country under one umbrella and to create a common forum for discussion. We are doing Interventional neurology session during our IAN conference. In association with SNVI conferences and workshops are organized. The subsection is also planning to start training courses for junior neurologists.


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