Executive Committee decided to Institute an Oration in name of fatherly figure in neurology and patron of IAN Dr. Baldev Singh since first conference. Apart from the Presidential oration annually, Students of Dr. J. S. Chopra collected funds to start an oration in name of Dr. J. S. Chopra Simultaneously the family of Dr. Anupam Das Gupta also contributed funds for an Oration in name of Dr. Das Gupta. Both these orations were started in 1995. IAN oration was initiated since 1998. Later on financial contributions were also received for Orations in name of Dr. N.H. Wadia and Dr. Bhim Singhal of Mumbai which were started in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The IAN also announced Indian Academy of Neurology Awards for younger Neurologists (age less than 45 years), IAN Traveling Fellowship and Queen Square Alumnus Association Fellowship.