Chairperson & Convener

Dr. Rahul Kulkarni

Dr. Manish Modi

Tropical Neurology

The Tropical Neurology subsection of the Indian Academy of Neurology aims to bring together professionals interested in tropical neurology in India. We do acknowledge the fact that many of the neurological disorders in India are not seen in the more developed non tropical world. Disorder of infectious, nutritional, genetic, occupational origin etc. Hence the need of this subsection is to answer the unique tropical burden of neurological disorders which we see and treat.

The broad objective of this subsection is to promote knowledge, awareness, and understanding of tropical disorders and to facilitate strategies which are preemptive and preventive to the development of these in our country.



TROPICON- the annual conference is organized by members of the subsection in various parts of the country. These are important as local tropical issues are discussed in these meetings by neurologists who have experience in managing these.

Proposals for multi-centric and collaborative issues are also discussed.


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