Chairperson & Convener

Dr. Atanu Biswas

Dr. Faheem Arshad

Cognitive Neurology

The Cognitive Neurology subsection of the Indian Academy of Neurology aims to bring together professionals interested in cognitive and behavioural disorders from across India.

The broad objective of the Cognitive Neurology subsection is to promote knowledge, awareness, and understanding of cognitive disorders and to facilitate exchange of ideas among professionals interested in the field.



A teaching course in Cognitive Neurology will be held once a year in association with WFN Research Group in Aphasia and Cognitive Disorders. Two such courses have been held in 2010 in Hyderabad, 2011 in Kolkata and the third will be held in 2013 in Bangalore.

A website will be set up to contain relevant latest published literature in cognitive neurology, a repository of cognitive tests validated for use in the Indian context, and teaching modules for students


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