WFN-FINE Neuroinfection Series – a successful educational activity

Tropical and Geographical Neurology Specialty Group of World Federation of Neurology  in collaboration with Forum for Indian Neurology Education  had organised  Neuroinfection webinar series on every Saturday form 18 th July to 5 th Sept . It was first of its kind educational activity by WFN specialty group. The event was   formally  Inaugurated by Professor  Raad Shakir, Immediate past  President, WFN and Chair Specialty Groups, WFN in presence of WFN Secretary General Prof Wolfgang Grisold. The series was dedicated to Prof. Jagjit Singh Chopra. In the last session tribute was paid to late  Prof Amilton Barreira who was secretary general of TGNSG.  Chandrashekhar Meshram, President of Tropical and Geographical Neurology Specialty Group of WFN was the course director,  Gagandeep Singh and  Rahul Kulkarni were moderators and  Sudhir Kothari and Roop Gursahani were scientific advisors.

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Course Director

Dr Chandrashekhar Meshram
Nagpur, India

Talks were given by Hector Garcia on Neurocysticercosis, by Erich Schmutzhard  on Cerebral Malaria, by  Marco Tulio Medina on Zika and other Arbovirus infections by Riadh Gouider on  Neurobrucelloisis  by  Serefnur Ozturk on Encephalitis , by  Jeremy Day on  Cryptococcal Meningitis,  by Prof Avindra Nath on  Approach to Neuro infections and by Professor Joseph  Berger on Fungal meningitis.

Sarosh Katrak, S.Prabhakar, John England, Gustavo Roman, Chris Kennard, Wolfgang Grisold, Hadi Manji, Deanna Saylor, Steven Lewis, Kiran Thakur, Davis Garcia -Azorin B. S Singhal, Augustina Charway -Felli, JMK Murthy, Marianna de Visser and Jacques Reis chaired the sessions. Satish Kahdilkar, Farrah Mateen, Dhanpat Kochar, IMS Sawhney, P.Satishchandra and Senaka Bandusena were invited panellists.

Interesting and challenging cases of  Dengue, Rabies, Japanese encephalitis, leprosy, Tuberculous myelitis, CJD, Neurocysticercosis, Amoebic encephalitis, HIV, SSPE,  Neurobrucellosis, Strongyloidosis, J C virus granule cell neuronopathy, Cryptococcal infection in immunocompromised host, Histoplasmosis, Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, aspergillosis, scrub typhus myositis, neurosyphilis, listeria encephalitis, mucormycosis, N1H1 encephalitis  were  presented and discussed during the series. Manish Modi, Sudhir Kothari, Gagandeep Singh, Shripad Pujari, Rajiv Soman, Anita Mahadevan, Vivek Lal, Mashina Chomba, Dhananjay Duberkar, Osheik Seidi, Birinder Singh Paul ,Abeer Goel, Sunil Narayan, Sunil Gajre, Ashish Bhutada, Michael Young, Kevin Kyle, Nasli Ichaporia, Prafulla Shembalkar , Neetu Ramrakhiani  and Lakshmi Narsimhan  presented interesting cases. The complexities in manifestations, course and treatment in different cases was the highlight of the series. There were analytical interactions from faculty  and audience.

Participants were  from different countries across the globe and more than 1400 delegates registered for the series. Regular participants were from India, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, South Africa, Ghana, Kuwait, UAE,  Sudan, Zambia and USA. Participants interacted with the faculty through Q and A session.

Reports of the sessions were published in Indian newspapers as part of public education activity.

Those who missed to attend the sessions, can watch the videos on you tube, the links of which are available on WFN website and FINE website.

WFN Neuroinfection Series 2 from 26 th Sept

Encouraged by the success of this series, TGNSG in collaboration with Indian Academy of Neurology and FINE has planned a WFN Neuroinfection series 2 with 8 sessions from 26 th Sept. 2020. President WFN, Prof William Carroll will inaugurate the series. Organisation of the sessions will be rotated between Asia-Oceania,  PAFNS, AAN ID group, Europe-EAN ID group, Pan Africa and Pan Arab regions. Those interested in presenting cases should contact respective moderators  for the session.

Registration is free. Link for registration

Registered delegates will be informed about the details of the session by email before each session.

Link to join the program   password wfnni

It can also be watched on you tube. Time of the session 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

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