Secretary’s Note


Dear IAN Members,


The times that we are going through are truly out of ordinary. There is uncertainity all around. WE do not know how things will shape in the future. Will the “new normal” become “not normal” or “was normal”? When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? Change should always be welcome and change from now would certainly be welcome. But we have no idea, when this would happen.

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Secretary, Indian Academy of Neurology

Dr Gagandeep Singh

Without any doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has impacted neurology considerably. Little late though, but the scientific community is slowly realizing the impact of COVID-19 on neurological disorders and neurological practice. Irrefutably, the pandemic has also impacted the functioning of the Indian Academy of Neurology. We have had to cancel all meetings, face-to-face conferences that were scheduled in 2020 and the Annual Conference to be held in Bengaleru in November, 2020 is postponed to November 2021. The 29th Annual Conference would be held jointly with the Asian and Oceanian Congress of Neurology in New Delhi in the fall of 2022. The 29th Annual Conference was originally slated to be held at Madurai in 2022. The organizing committee from Madurai, however graciously agreed to waive their claim over the Annual Conference in 2022, so that it could be shifted to 2023. The 30th Annual Conference would therefore, be held at Madurai in 2023. We are grateful to our friends and colleagues from Madurai for this kind courtesy offered by them.

Not everything is as dark as it looks in as much as there is a silver lining in every dark cloud. The Clinical Neurophysiology Subsection Annual Conference was held for the first time online and it was an outstanding success. We profusely congratulate the organizing team led by Prof. Satish Khadilkar and Dr. Khushnuma Manshukhani for the success of the conference. A schedule for webinars, organized monthly, each conducted by the subsections has been made. We hope that you will enjoy this series. On the international front, the IAN is partnering with the World Federation of Neurology Series 2 of the Neuroinfection webinars of the Tropical and geographical Neurology Research group of the WFN. Of note, the series 1, led by the efforts of Dr. Chandrashekhar Meshram was a tremendous success. We can perhaps do more of web-based activities but we chose to go with a relaxed pace as there already seems to be a flood of webinars across.

We also take time to think of those among us who have direct contact with the contagion, including some who contracted the virus and others who are actively involved in the management of infected patients. Among those of us who contracted the virus, many have recovered well and we pray for their speedy convalasence. One of us, Dr. Pranesh (see Obituary in this edition) unfortunately succumbed to the infections. Our thoughts go to his immense contributions to neurology and to the Academy. Our thoughts are also with the bereaved family. To all of us, President, Prof. Pramod Pal and all members of the Executive Committee join in wishing you healthy and safe times to come.

Long live the Indian Academy of Neurology.

Gagandeep Singh

Secretary, Indian Academy of Neurology

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