IAN Research Grant Scheme

The Indian Academy of Neurology has initiated an IAN Research Grant Scheme to promote research pertinent to neurology (In India) by its members. It has set up two annual research grants each up to a maximum of Rupees Five Lakhs only for this purpose. The IAN may modify the number of grants and monetary value of the projects in future. A sub-committee constituted by the EC will receive proposals and select two proposals each year. The committee would consist of two Past Presidents and one EC Member by rotation. The President and Secretary would be Ex-officer Members. Research proposals in the field of clinical neurology, neurology and public health or other branches of neurosciences will qualify for this grant. Projects that are out of the box, focusing on rural issues, specific interest to India would be desirable. Projects that can be completed in a short time will be preferred as the time window is less than 24 months.

The Secretary, IAN will notify the grant provisions on the website and in newsletter and other social media to give wide publicity to the program.

The general rules and guidelines for the award and conduct of the project under this grant are given below.

  1. Applicant should be the PI of the proposed project and be a life member of the Indian Academy of Neurology for at least 2 years.
  2. Co PI and co investigators in the project can be members or non-members of the IAN.
  3. Funding would be available for new projects that do not have funding from other sources.
  4. Candidates who have received this research grant in the past five years would not be considered for application.
  5. The proposal should provide information as per the prescribed proforma on the relevance of the study, details of methodology, statistical analysis, budget requirements, and potential benefits.
  6. The PI need to sign an agreement with the IAN that he or she is accepting the grant and would complying with the rules and guidelines that govern the grant.
  7. First instalment of funds would be released only on submission of copies of the approval of the appropriate ethics committees in the case of studies involving human or animal subjects.
  8. The proposals can be for one year or two year projects.
  9. The PI shall give a progress report to the IAN research committee midway through the study (six months in the case of one year projects and 12 months in the case of two year projects).
  10. The second and further installments of grant would be released only if the research committee of the IAN recommends the continuation of the funding after evaluating the progress report.
  11. The research work needs to be completed within 24 months from the release of the grant.
  12. Grant should not be used to remunerate the investigators or meet travel expenses or acquire assets.
  13. Grant funds can be used to obtain consumables, stationary, conduct survey, pay for laboratory tests and investigations.
  14. Grant funds can be used to pay salary to temporary research staff who would be working exclusively in the project.
  15. Funds would be released to the Administrator/ Director/Principal of the institution only,  who in turn will ensure maintenance of accounts and file the funds utilization certificate.
  16. Any unspent balance shall be refunded to the IAN within 6 months of completion of the project or 30 months from the time of release of first instalment, whichever is earlier.
  17. The PI shall provide a report of the study (using a proforma provided) to the AIAN within six months of completion of the project.
  18. The PI and other investigators will acknowledge the IAN in all presentations and publications that emanate directly or indirectly from the grant.
  19. The deadline for submission of the Application will be Saturday, March 14, 2020.
  20. Completely filled up application should be emailed to iansecretary@gmail.com. For queries, you may get in touch with IAN secretary at iansecretary@gmail.com or +919876511974.

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