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Dear IAN Members,

During the Annual General Meeting of the Indian Academy of Neurology, it was agreed that IAN should negotiate the purchase of Neuro-Learn at a subsidised rate for its members.

N-Learn is offered by the American Academy of Neurology as online courses on different topics. The courses include multimedia presentations with text material and further references for further perusal and can be taken at leisure. The list of courses can be found at

The cost of each course for non-members is US$ 69. Prof. Sarosh M. Katrak has been negotiating the rates for acquiring NeuroLearn for IAN members and with his efforts, the AAN has provided us with the following rates:

US$3000 - 250 members i.e. US$12 per member for 10 courses
US$5400 - 500 members i.e. US$ 10.80 per member for 10 courses
US$9000 - 1000 members i.e. US$ 9 per member for 10 courses

Since rates depend on the number of subscribers, we would like to estimate the number of subscribers. Hence, please let us know via e mail or via the IAN website if you would be interested in subscribing to NeuroLearn.

Please convey your willingness to subscribe to NeuroLearn via fill the expression of Interest form given below.

Best Wishes,
AV Srinivasan, President, IAN
Gagandeep Singh, Secretary, IAN

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