Welcome to INTROPICON 2017

It gives me the greatest of pleasure to welcome you all for this International Conference of Tropical Medicine – INTROPICON 2017. This is not the first international conference in tropical medicine. World renowned delegates have held such meetings in the latter part of the 20th century but for some reason unclear, there has not been such a conference since 1996. It is not as if tropical diseases had been cleared or were become rarer. In fact that was the period when the major scourge of HIV disease moved into the tropical world and started afflicting significant parts of the population in Asia and particularly Africa. And though of course for all of us infectious disease form the bulk of tropical medicine from cerebral malaria, tuberculosis, Japanese B encephalitis, neurocysticercosis, polio etc. to the newer entrants chikungunya, ebola, and zika this group does not really encompass all tropical medicine. we have realized that vascular disease presentations, demyelination disease, toxic disorders of CNS, dementia, neuropathies and myoneural junction and even hereditary disease of the CNS have their own destinctive flavours and differences in tropical lamds and becomes part of tropical disease of CNS.

It is thus with a sense of pride that we host a second reincarnation of the International conference of Tropical medicine INTROPICON 2017. We all wish to welcome you here in India primarily of course to refresh our minds on newer aspects of tropical medicine and secondarily to meet colleagues from far and near and make new friends and forge lasting bonds. Thirdly, we welcome you to see our wonderful country. All visitors here at conference at least have usually been impressed with our hospitality and we intend to preserve that high opinion among you all.

Of course, you must have heard several good things of our Indian heritage and we invite you to spend some time seeing a part of it. A travel section at the meeting will help you in as many ways it can. Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to INTROPICON 2017 and to India in its 70th year post-independence.

We, the members of the organizing committee, wish to thank you all for your gracious presence. I hope you will remember this occasion for many many years with pleasure.

Welcome to INTROPICON – 2017 and to India.

For more info. please visit www.iancon.net 


R. S. Wadia
President, Organizing Committee

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