IAN Elections 2022

This year, there will be elections only for the post of President Elect. All Life Members of IAN as on 1st May 2022 will be allowed to cast their ballot in this election. List of eligible IAN Life Members is given in the file below.

The process of nominations will begin around September end. We will inform you the exact dates for various steps of the elections over the coming few months.

An essential step of the election process is to ensure that all members have their email ids and mobile numbers updated in IAN records. This is essential as the OTP for login to the election platform is sent to each members mobile number and email id.

To ensure that your email id and mobile number are updated in IAN records, may we request you to kindly follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Please go to IAN website https://www.ianindia.org/
  2. Click on Login (at the top right corner of the page)
  3. Login with your
    1. Membership Number (please enter capital LM or AM or LAM, followed by hyphen"-", then your membership number)
    2. Your registered email id OR Mobile Number
  4. After login, you will be able to view your PROFILE. Please check the email and mobile in IAN records.
  5. IF you wish to update either to them, please go to Edit Profile section in the 2nd menu bar under PROFILE
  6. Here you can replace email and / or mobile number with the one that is currently in use
  7. Click on Update Profile button at the end of the page
  8. The Log Out using the last option of the second menu bar (under PROFILE)
  9. Login again with your new email OR mobile to ensure that the data has been correctly updated.
  10. If neither your email id nor your mobile number are accepted at login, please submit your query through the Contact Us page of the website https://www.ianindia.org/contact.php
  11. You will be informed of the update by the IAN Secretariat or IAN Digital Team

To avoid any confusion at the time of elections, updating of email id and / or mobile number will not be permitted once the election process begins. Hence you are requested to use the coming couple of months to complete this process.

Last date for updating your Email id and / or Mobile Number is 31st August 2022.

In case you have any doubts, please email info@ianindia.org with a copy to iansecretary@gmail.com

Thanking you for your support to conduct the IAN Elections 2022 in a time-bound and systematic manner.


Dr. Gagandeep Singh
President Elect, IAN
Electoral Officer, IAN Elections 2022

Dr U Meenakshisundaram
Secretary, Indian Academy of Neurology